899 Furlong Finally Complete

899 Furlong Finally Complete

Wow, what a year it has been!  We began renovations on this property in February, made it through 3 months of Covid shutdown (no city inspections allowed) and this house finally hit the market end of September.  We are beyond please with how it turned out.

The added square footage and open floor plan really makes this house feel so open and bright and airy.  This house we chose to try some different design elements and went for a more contemporary look along with our style of modern craftsman.  We chose a cream wall color along with a bright white (with no undertones) for the moldings and doors and ceiling.  It came out so calm and pleasing; we’ll be using this color combo again for sure!

In the master bathroom we did blacks and whites along with grays and matte brass accents which really came out modern and timeless at the same time.  The long soap niche with marble mosaic tile in the master shower is a wow factor!

Below are some before and after pictures.  We took part of the kitchen and and made a hallway to the new master suite addition.  The existing bathroom and bedroom were re-configured to make a new bathroom with better layout and added an extra linen closet.  The kitchen also got an added pantry.  The sun room was demo’d and converted into added living space off the kitchen.  One thing we always try to think about is how someone will live in the house; how to make smart layout changes to improve the flow of the home, and how to provide ample storage space by adding closets, linen closets, pantries and lots of storage in kitchen.  As a two women team we understand the need for storage!  It’s not just about making something beautiful, but is it also functional.

Overall this was such an enjoyable project and we’re proud to put another TriHome project on the market!


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